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Earn bounties for every referral who gets interviewed

Refer talent from your network or community. Get paid for each qualified candidate, even if they don’t get the job.

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Hirechain simplifies earning with referrals

You can earn on Hirechain, whether you’re a professional recruiter, community leader or well-connected professional. Refer good candidates, get paid.

Browse live bounties

All jobs on HireChain are from vetted companies and need to be filled soon. Bounties and requirements are transparent so you never waste time.

Refer quality candidates

Refer candidates you trust to do the job. After confirming they meet the role’s requirements, we connect them to the hiring manager.

Track referrals

Track your active referrals, view feedback from the hiring manager and monitor your referrer reputation.

Collect bounties

Once the role is filled, you get a share of the bounty, even if you candidate was interviewed. If your candidate is hired, you get the biggest share.

Ready to start earning bounties? 

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Do I need a background in recruitment?

No. Anyone can become a referrer with Hirechain. Whether you’re a recruiter making referrals all day or a professional who saw a cool job for your friend, you can earn bounties on Hirechain.

Do I only get paid if I refer the successful candidate?

Other recruiting platforms only pay for successful candidates. We pay you for each candidate you refer who interviews for the role. If your candidate does get the role, you receive the biggest share of the bounty.

How is the bounty split?

75% of the bounty goes to the person who referred the candidate who got hired. Other referrers of interviewed candidates split the remaining 25%. Once one of your candidates makes it past our filter, you’re eligible for a reward*. The more of your candidates get past our filter, the bigger your share.

*If you refer someone who does not respond to the company or does not wish to be interviewed for the position, you may not be eligible to receive a bounty payout.

When do I get paid?

If your candidate is hired or interviewed by the company, you will receive your share of the bounty 95 days after the successful hire joins the company.

Who should I refer?

You should refer professionals from your network. Only refer people who have the skills and interests to perform well in the role. Because we vet each candidate before submitting profiles to companies, referring low-quality candidates will never be rewarded.

How can I see if my referral is successful?

Your Referrer Dashboard shows you the status of each referral and helps you keep track of bounties.

Can I see a bounty example?

A company places a $16,000 bounty for a new position. You refer 2 candidates which HireChain submitted to the company. If the company reviewed 10 total HireChain candidates, you would receive $400 per candidate or $800 in total (calculated as 25% of $16000/10 per reviewed candidate).

Can I refer another referrer?

Yes, referrers can refer new referrers. You can earn up to 10% or a $1k share of a referrer’s first bounty who you invited to HireChain.