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Hire global talent without paying sky high commissions.

Our referral network finds talent most recruiters and job boards miss. Place a bounty on Hirechain and get vetted candidates that are worth your time.

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How it Works

Post a job for free. Our network does the rest.

Processing hundreds of candidates from multiple sources can be overwhelming. Hirechain sends you hand-vetted candidates and you only pay when you hire.

Post a job for free and set your bounty

When you publish a job vacancy to Hirechain, you set a bounty, the amount referrers will share if you hire a candidate from Hirechain.

We notify our global network of referrers

Our network includes headhunters, industry experts and communities. They reach deep into web3, where the best, hard-to-reach talent thrives.

We filter candidates, only sending you the best

To ensure every candidate is worth your time, Hirechain filters out irrelevant or under-qualified candidates from reaching your ATS.

If you hire, we split the bounty among the network

When you hire a candidate from Hirechain you pay out the bounty plus a 25% platform fee. We then split this between the referrers.

Join us as a launch partner

We want to fill your pipeline with exciting candidates. Connect with us below to explore joining as a launch partner. All launch partners will get platform credits and dedicated support.

How much does it cost to hire on HireChain?

HireChain is completely free to use and you only pay if you hire someone.

When you post your job to HireChain you set your bounty. This is how much you are willing to pay to our network for referring suitable candidates. While we recommend 15% of the annual salary but you are in complete control of the amount.

Example: HireChain charges a 25% platform fee if you hire someone, so if your bounty is $15k, your total cost will be $15k + £3.75k = $18.75k. If you do not end up hiring someone your total cost is $0.

What prevents the network from referring irrelevant candidates?

HireChain uses a review and reputation system to ensure only the best, relevant candidates are forwarded to you. Referrers reputation is reviewed weekly to ensure the platform is only reviewing applications that meet the hiring criteria you set.

When is the bounty payment due?

The bounty payment is due once you've successfully hired a HireChain candidate. However a rebate structure is in place if the candidate leaves or is let go before reaching 90 days of employment. We pay out the bounty on a similar schedule to the rebate. So if a hire does not work out we can refund you within 7 days.

Can I hire contractors or temporary employees?

Soon! We’re launching with permanent recruitment only but soon we will cover all types of hiring.

Who is in your network of referrers?

Our launch network includes independent headhunters, industry experts and communities. They reach deep into web3, where the best, hard-to-reach talent thrives. We prioritise trust and meeting people where they are instead of mass LinkedIn messages and copy-paste cold emails.

HireChain is built to connect you to the right people wherever they might be and we are growing our referral network every day. Anyone can be a referrer and earn bounties!

Do you know someone who would make a great referrer? Sign up and refer them to get paid when they make their first placement.

How do you split the bounty among your network?

75% of the bounty goes to the person who refers the candidate who is hired. Other referrers of interviewed candidates split the remaining 25%. This rewards reliable referrers and helps us ensure a steady flow of talent in the future.

Can I post a job anonymously?

Yes! If you are hiring for a position you don’t want to be public yet then we can still help. The job will be listed as HireChain on the platform and we will describe what your company does without giving away who you are. Speak to your account manager to set this up.

Do I need to display a salary on a job?

Yes! We are committed to salary transparency and a huge part of our company mission is to make recruitment more efficient. You are welcome to use a salary range or post multiple jobs with different ranges but you must include a salary.